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What is Hosted VOIP PBX

A hosted IP-PBX is a hosted (provided outside your company) service that uses IP (Internet Protocol ) to provide PBX (Private Branch Exchange, or phone system) functionality to you. read more more

Polycom VOIP Phones

Choosing the right phone for your VoIP Phone System can play an important role in your voice over IP experience. Polycom Phones have long been touted as the go to SIP based phone, and for good reason. read more more

VOIP Features

More Features, More Versatility, More Scalability and all with a Better Price. With No maintenance fee, no extra equipment to buy if problems arise (phone system parts), easily make changes to the... read more more

The Benefits of VOIP

VoIP Benefits The reason for the prevalence of VoIP is that it gives significant benefits compared to legacy phone systems. The key benefits are as follows: Cost savings. The most attractive feature of VoIP... read more more